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What Kind of Noises and Sounds do Rockland County Raccoons Make When They Live in Your House?

Noise is simply the compression of sound waves, and these soundwaves are made into something tangible by your brain. These noises can vary by how they are made, for example by a voice box or by moving around. One noise you do not want to hear though is the sound of a wild animal whilst you are in your home. One of these unwanted wild animals is the Rockland County raccoon, and some may not know what noises that they make.

Noises they make whilst moving
Noises that New York raccoons are made by them moving can be very irritating, mainly because they are nocturnal creatures. The patter of their feet amongst the floorboards will sound like a very heavy rat. If you hear noises during the night it is unfortunately likely to be that if a raccoon, as they are common home invaders. This is due to the fact that houses, well house plenty of food. This mixed with the fact that raccoons are not afraid of humans which results in a dangerous and inevitable invasion of your house.

Vocal noises
Just like humans Rockland County raccoons do not have just the one vocal call, they have multiple. The young of raccoons can include noises such as whining, crying, and mewing. These can be a nightmare as again, they are nocturnal creatures and so will keep you up. This noisiness doesn't subside with adulthood, as adult raccoons can make an astounding 200 distinct different noises, and that's just the one of them These noises can range from growling to snarling to whimpering, and it has even been recorded that some have screeched, similar to that of baby owls.

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