About the Rat Problem in New York

Grievances about rats in New York have amplified annually since 2014.The environs affected include Bedford-Stuyvesant which had the most encounters with the long tailed mammals in 2017, followed by Harlem and Upper West Side. Among the boroughs, Brooklyn had the most complaints with 7,253 followed by Manhattan with 4507 the most per area The Upper West Side drew interest during the most recent summer when parents in the areas accounted that rats were leaping into baby carriages in search of foodstuff

Rats and the woes they come with.
A lot of rats in the area have forced the neighbourhood heads to shut down a garden in Harlem. In the past it was full of vegetables and herbs. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The Rockland County rats have over-run the park .The lush area which served as a recreational centre no longer exists. The rodents harbour microbes that can result in diarrhoea, vomiting and fever in human beings these bacteria may be transmitted via contact with saliva, urine or faeces. Besides. The fleas that reside on the a Rockland County rats can station act as a vector for bubonic plague.

Notable incidents
Rats have been known to take over eateries in just a few hours. Besides, there have also been reports of rats climbing up sewers and toilets and ending up in apartments and toilets. Homeless people and young children have also accounted being bitten. Cadavers in morgues have also not been spared as they have been account of rats mutilating the bodies. In 2003, a fire station in Queens was brought down after mice over-run the facility .As per the health department in New York, 86 rat bites were reported in 2010. Rats have been observed carrying foods like pizza along pathways Control The city has implemented an up-beat approach to rodent restraint. Integrated pest management, as it is known as, focuses on preventive measures. Such endeavours include coming up with a rodent control map using geotagging to apply countermeasures thoroughly, instituting a ‘Rodent Control Academy' that teaches city employees on rat mannerisms and their control. The city has also performed mass sterilization of the city's rats, using a chemical to offset the reproductive ability of the Rockland County rats.

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